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Experience pure craftsmanship our Melbourne decking team has to offer your family home. Quality decks - Melbourne


Yes, a Building Permit is usually required for deck replacements in Melbourne, and Deck It Out Decks will handle the permit process for you. I am a registered builder so I am able to obtain permits/ insurance to do any works you may require.
Yes, Deck It Out Decks provides a contract detailing the project’s scope, materials, and terms to ensure transparency and protection.
Deck It Out Decks offers a guarantee or warranty for the craftsmanship and materials used in your decking project.
Yes, Deck It Out Decks specializes in integrating verandahs or pergolas with decks to enhance your outdoor area. Most of which are designed by a draftsman so there all structurally sound.
Deck It Out Decks can recommend the best timber for your deck, considering your preferences and budget. There are many fantastic species of timber available. Australian hardwood species to even Merbau decking which is very common , but its durability in our conditions is outstanding. Also there are many good composites on the market now, which I can recommend a few that I would work with.
Extending a deck to the fence is feasible, but local council regulations must be followed. The building code is one metre so you would need to seek special approvals and generally these need to be fire rated.

Deck It Out Decks can provide guidance on these regulations.
A Building Permit is often required for new deck construction in Melbourne, and Deck It Out Decks can assist with the permit application process.
The minimum height for a deck varies by local regulations. Deck It Out Decks can advise on the specific requirements for your Melbourne property.
Screws are Always recommended for a more secure and durable deck installation. Deck It Out Decks can offer expert advice on the best fixings for your deck.
Handrails may be required for safety, particularly if your deck is elevated. Deck It Out Decks can provide information on handrail regulations and design options.
A town planning permit might be needed in addition to a Building Permit, depending on your deck’s size and location. Deck It Out Decks can help figure out if this is necessary for your project.
The deck-building process typically includes consultation, design, obtaining permits, construction, and final inspection. Deck It Out Decks will guide you through each stage to ensure a smooth and successful project.

We work with a draftsman( architect), surveyors and engineers if required to make your project run as smoothly as possible, and we take care of all the leg work involved to gain a permit.
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Unparalleled Craftsmanship - Decks Melbourne

When you choose Deck It Out Decks and Pergolas for outdoor decking in Melbourne, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of every aspect you can think of. From the design and planning phases through to attaining the necessary building permits and completing construction, there’s nothing we can’t help you with when it comes to Melbourne decking.

We can even provide expert advice on how to maintain your new structures so that they will remain in excellent condition for a long time to come.


Merry Xmas to the deck it out decks and pergolas team! 
Big 2023 …… bigger 2024 to come! 
Cheers legends !
Finished product! 👌
Ooi’s 40th bali! It starts
We’re looking for a new addition to the team in 2023! 
Looking for a qualified carpenter with experience in the outdoor aspects of carpentry.
We have an awesome team and you will work on some pretty cool projects like the one pictured! 
Contact me on 0421548360 if keen. Marc
Quick vid post of the huge job we have just nailed. 
Finishing touches to come but huge effort !
Boss back on the tools and the 3 of us smashed this today! 
2nd story built and half decked! 
The Deck it out decks and pergolas team is looking to expand into 2022.
It’s shaping up to be a huge year next year with so many amazing projects booked in.
We’re looking for a carpenter with Experience and passion for outdoor construction.  Please send me an email to with a resume or interest.  #carpenter #carpenterlife #melbournedecking

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Designing Outdoor Decks and Backyards for Melbourne Family's For Over 20 Years

The keys to enjoying the great outdoors are comfort and style. In this respect, decking is the missing ingredient that can add tone and texture to a garden while also giving your outdoor space a slice of paradise. Here at Deck It Out Decks and Pergolas, we provide decking services and deck and pergola building in Melbourne to help you improve the overall look and feel of your outdoor space that is perfectly suited to your existing home.

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Melbourne Decking Experts

Australia has the perfect climate for outdoor living, meaning decks and pergolas in Melbourne are in high demand. At Deck It Out Decks and Pergolas, we have over ten years of experience designing and installing outdoor living and entertainment features for all deckings in Melbourne. Our specialty in outdoor living makes us a number one choice when you need decking companies or deck building experts in Melbourne. So whether you are in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne or Northern, Deck It Out has you covered.

Our Services

Deck and Pergola Builders - Melbourne

Deck It Out Decks and Pergolas in Melbourne provides the following outdoor building services

We offer Timber pergola’s and decking across Melbourne, in your back or front yard can add to…

Our climate is becoming increasingly unpredictable, making it harder to grow good…

Four seasons in one day’ is a common saying for those who live in Melbourne and appreciate…

Decking Maintenance Is Crucial In
Melbourne - Restore Your Decking With Us Today

Whether you have a specific vision, or you are open to suggestions, at Deck It Out Decks and Pergolas, our innovative and unique approach will guarantee a stylish design that will elevate the exterior of your property. If you are looking for deck restoration in Melbourne, we can help you achieve the look you need with high-quality timber decking supplies that deliver functionality and style that friends and family alike can enjoy.

Quality Deck Builders - Melbourne

Our highly trained and experienced builders and deck restoration experts in Melbourne can provide a wide range of outdoor building services, including:

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Why Choose Our Deck Builder in Melbourne?

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Melbourne’s #1 Decking & Landscaping

Decking in Melbourne is crucial for your home in so many ways, they add a unique warmth to any home, are a great alternative to cement or tiles, and are a practical investment to improve the value of your property in the Melbourne area. As decking is fast becoming the best way to enhance your backyard space, brighten up your poolside, or provide a focal point for social gatherings, it is the perfect solution to your home’s needs. Need a fast and affordable way to increase the value and useability of your home? Our deck and pergola builders in Melbourne may be for you.

Beyond the sheer visual spectacle, timber decking is a practical solution to uneven ground and is an ideal way to transform a steep or rocky back yard into a backyard paradise without interfering with the natural components of your site.

Get A Free Consultation For Deck & Pergolas Building In Melbourne

With extensive experience in outdoor decking, at Deck It Out Decks and Pergolas, we work to meet your needs, and within your budget to deliver 110% satisfaction. Whether you are looking to spruce up your garden or compliment your beautiful home, our quality timber decking and deck restoration services in Melbourne will add that special touch you’ve needed all this time. Built to last. Are you ready to add a slice of paradise to your outdoor space?

Why Invest In Decks And Pergolas in Melbourne?

Pergolas, timber decking, and deck building in Melbourne can add a stylish entertainment area to your home and provide a wide range of benefits. On a functional level, they not only make your home more comfortable to live in, but they can also be used to host social gatherings as well as impress and entertain guests. On an aesthetic level, they will enhance the appearance of your home while complementing its existing style and architecture. Pergolas, timber decking in Melbourne can also add value to your property, which will come in handy if you need to sell your house in the future.

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Timber Decking Melbourne

As professional, passionate and creative carpenters and deck builders here at Deck it Out Decks and Pergolas, we can create deck and pergola designs that are unique and customised to your needs and specifications. We use only the highest quality materials available.

We can build any custom design and as leaders in the decking industry we offer practical advice on decking restoration in Melbourne. We can work wonders on your outdoor space so that it not only looks amazing but is also built to last, and provide you with year-round weather protection in Melbourne. Whether you’re after a simple pergola, detailed timber work, are looking to build the outdoor living space of your dreams, or deck builds in Melbourne we’ll make it happen.

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